A fusion of a favourite New Zealand past time with a piece of vintage Canadian history. 


 Take seasonal, locally grown berries, blend them with high quality, locally produced ice cream to create a authentic, made to order real fruit ice cream.


Inspired from our own wedding and stoked to bring this vision to Squamish. Matt originally hailing from Titirangi, New Zealand and Katie growing up in Heffley lake, BC.

Here's a little bit about us: 


Katie Youwe

Originally from the Interior of BC, Katie found herself in Squamish while searching for her perfect mountain town. She can follow her passion for local food back to her job working on an organic farm in Fernie, BC. She always strives to learn more about sustainability in the food industry and wants to do her part to showcase real fruit ice cream as a great local BC product, with a twist (literally). Her biggest challenge with this endevour is making sure Matt doesn't eat all the profits! 


Matt Harris

Born and raised in the hills of New Zealand, A keen adventurer with a passion for great food. An advocate of the 'quality over quantity' mantra. Finding his way to BC, Canada many years ago. Developing a deep connection with the land, meeting his wife and here we are. Always keen to spin a yarn or head into the mountains. Listen carefully for his accent, and remember never call a kiwi an aussie. 



Look for Begbie on the trails and in the hills around the Sea to Sky. Alternatively you may find him hanging close by Alice (our boler). He will be stoked to meet you - you may even get some licks.  


Making Alice 

From iconic canadian camper to vintage mobile ice creamery

    1 x 1972 vintage 13' boler trailer / one of the first 250 made in Canada

We renovated her ourselves, this is how it went down.

Thanks to all of our friends and family who lent a hand on this project. All the local businesses that helped us along the way. We are REALLY STOKED to be serving Squamish. Come treat yourselves people !


Patrick Morrison Contracting
Alta Lake Electric ltd
Simon Babin Carpentry
On Sight Painting 
New Era Plumbing
Underwraps Advertising Soulutions
Little Jem Real Fruit Ice Cream