Adventure first...then ice cream.

From the finish line of major bike races to doling out dessert at summer weddings, showing up at farmer’s markets to greeting climbers and hikers fresh off the Chief, Alice & Brohm is out to celebrate every great day in Squamish.

The ice cream truck is inspired by Matt’s childhood; weekends and summers spent biking through the trails of New Zealand with his dad and brother, capping off every day with a cone—or two, or three—from one of the real fruit ice cream stands dotting the highway home.


After Matt moved to Squamish and met Katie, a native of BC’s interior passionate about sustainability in the food industry, their adventures back to NZ were all about introducing her to his homeland...and the ice cream that held a soft spot in his heart.

Every return back to Squamish brought a reminder: that the end-of-adventure refuel and refresh just wasn’t the same without that frozen goodness.

After their wedding in New Zealand, where a real fruit ice cream truck doled out as many cones as it did smiles, they took the chance to bring something unique and fresh to Squamish, aiming to not only fill Matt’s post-adventure needs, but offer the whole community the opportunity to create special memories and moments.

They remodeled a 1972 Boler trailer—a true piece of Canadiana—and purchased an authentic real fruit ice cream machine from New Zealand. Choosing a name that makes locals already feel at home, they popped open the service window in 2017 and the rest, as they say, is real-fruit history.

tog-277 (2).jpeg


If your mouth isn’t watering yet,it’s about to.