Ask Alice Out

Unique, handmade...and damn cute, to boot.

The complete real fruit ice cream experience provides the perfect addition to any social gathering. And the Boler as the backdrop? An added bonus.

Before you request a booking, roll through this nice-to-know info:

Services + Pricing

We can get as creative as you want when it comes to crafting a sweet surprise for your guests. From passing mini-cones at a cocktail event to offering fresh-pressed ice cream to order, we’re keen to build a way we can show up that brings your vision to life.

Catering services start at $500.00 - more information and custom pricing available.

Got Time?

While we ask for a minimum two-week notice for each booking, we’ll do our best to accommodate requests with a shorter notice time when we can.

Location, Location, Location

We cater mostly to the Sea to Sky and Vancouver communities. While we’re keen to meet you where you’re at, long distance travel *can* be a challenge….but we’re up for the adventure if you are.

Let’s create something great together.

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